About Home office

Welcome to your home & office in Zagreb, Croatia. It’s a place where you can sleep, eat, work and play. Having in mind all the needs that digital nomads have, this private *** apartment is a perfect fit for your nomad lifestyle.

For nomads, by nomads.

Home features
  • Bed for 2 adult persons(1)
  • Kitchen
  • Nespresso coffee machine with 4 flavors
  • Soy / almond milk or regular milk
  • Wine to celebrate your achievements on the balcony
  • Fruits
  • Smart TV with Netflix, HBO Max and Tidal
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Covered camera secured parking spot
  • Gym membership for 2 persons(2)
  • Bike
  • Washer and dryer machine + Iron
  • Air conditioning
Office features
  • Optical internet (600Mbps)
  • 2 sit/stand desks (120x70cm)
  • 2 great chairs for back pain-free work
  • 2 large external monitors
  • Printer, keyboards, mouses, cables & connectors that you might need
  • Perfectly designed for your video calls
  • Smartphone with unlimited options that you can use for calls, food orders or personal hotspot while you’re outside

… and many more.

(1) Kid’s bed on request (free for kids up to 12 years)
(2) The gym is located inside the Arena Zagreb building within walking distance

Building and flat

The building was built in 2009, making this apartment perfectly safe in eventual earthquakes(3), 100% dry and super isolated.

(3) Strong earthquakes hit Zagreb 2 times back in 2020, causing material damage, mainly on older buildings.

44 square meters 1 double bedroom 2 places to work 3 persons capacity

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